The Conscious Economy Event

How can we create an economy that is more sustainable and social than our current system


We live in extraordinary times, where transformational system-change takes place on the interconnected crossroad of society, ecology and economy. The pursuit of a future-proof planet is at stake and business as usual is no longer an option. In order to create a Conscious Economy we are required to rethink the definition and principles of our economic system. What can you do?

In making the shift towards this transformational next-level economy the next 10 years are crucial. We are the generation living in these both urgent and exciting times – it’s up us to step up and take thoughtful and heartfelt action now. That is exactly why we host this event and invite you to join!


About the Event

Participate now in The Conscious Economy Event – a live educational and interactive gathering in our Home of Conscious Wealth

Location: Utrecht
Date: May 20th from 10:00 – 16:00.
Free of charge

Facilitated by Carolien Wegener (co-founder of Wire Group) and guest speaker Godelieve Spaas – Professor New Economy/Avans University of Applied Sciences.

  • What shift -in mind, heart, vision- is needed to reach forward to a life-enhancing, future-proof economy?
  • What are inspiring examples that help unfold transformational economic principles and practices?
  • What can we do ourselves to fuel the shift towards a Conscious Economy?

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    The session will be live for one day (subject to Corona measures, possibly with the use of quick tests) at our Home of Conscious Wealth in Utrecht.

    We consciously have decided to make this a live meeting. We count on at least 8 participants and have room for max 16 attendees. Then we have plenty of space to keep distance and we can ventilate sufficiently for fresh air. Please make sure you only join if you are free of any corona related symptoms. We also have quick test available.