It is our firm belief that the current economic model of growth is severely unbalanced and is no longer viable. The Corona crisis made It even increasingly clear that climate change and biodiversity loss are grave threats to both nature and humankind, and that social inequality continues to grow. We believe that this is the result of the extractive nature of the welfare growth that we have seen over the last 100 years or more. Global GDP has grown consistently over time, however this economic growth has been fueled by human and natural capital that has been used without being properly rewarded (human capital) or replaced (natural capital. 

Investing in change is needed, which is why we invest in Regeneration  and focus one creating more Conscious Wealth, while creating Multiple returns for our investors. 

Invest in Regeneration


While we, at Wire Group, feel a great sense of urgency, we also remain optimistic that an alternative, more conscious and regenerative, economic model is possible. The best example for a regenerative model is nature itself and more specifically the ability of trees to ‘give-back’ water and nutrients to the soil in time of draught in order for the soil life on which the trees depends to survive. 

Our investment strategy is inspired by this example: to proactively invest in natural capital and human capital, while at the same time generating an attractive financial return. Through the Fund, we will pursue investments that create natural and human capital and strive to create twice as much societal value as the financial value we invest (a 2X ‘impact multiple’

Natural Capital

Impact theme examples:

    • Sustainable Food & Agriculture
    • Conservation


    • Taken up or avoided GHG
    • Recovery or avoided use of natural resources
    • Biodiversity increase
    • Healthier soil

Human Capital

Impact theme examples:

    • Access to clean energy
    • Access to healthcare


    • Better health
    • Income increase
    • Equitable participation in society

Adress Conscious Wealth

We see the Fund as a ‘conscious wealth solution’ as we believe that the key to meaningful change in the world is to deploy our wealth consciously by bringing the impact of our wealth in line with our values and our vision for a more connected and balanced world. We will help those investors that are interested in doing so to develop a greater degree of consciousness in several ways:

    • Our reporting and annual meetings will show in a clear and inspiring manner the impact of their investment in the Fund;
    • Through our ‘open door’ policy, we can share with interested investors how our investments contribute to our theory of change and other investment objectives;
    • Investors (>€2mln) have the ability to make additional commitments to fund investments that fit their own values and vision of impact;
    • In addition to managing the fund, Wire Group offers other services that are designed to help our clients in their journeys towards ‘conscious wealth’.

Creates multiple returns for our investors