Below you find the funds that are currently part of our investment portfolio.

The Rise Fund II - Generalist

The Rise Fund II is the second impact fund of TPG and with USD 2.5 bln it is the largest impact fund globally. Utilizing the professional TPG Growth platform, TPG will build a diversified portfolio (over sectors and geographies) of later-stage growth investments to realise multiple human and natural impact outcomes, which are aligned with WPMF. With its institutional quality set-up and experience in investing, TPG aims for a net IRR of >15%. Based on the scale and investor base of TPG and the use of their own unique Impact Multiple of Money (“IMM”) framework, TPG contributes to make impact investing ‘mainstream’ and therefore is relevant for WPMF.

Blue Horizon Ventures - Alternative Protein

Blue Horizon Ventures is a first-time fund focussed on making disruptive change in the food industry by investing companies that are active in the value chain of alternative animal proteins. Due to increasing demand for animal protein, combined with the high negative impact of meat production and consumption on social- and natural capital, investing in sustainable alternative proteins has outcomes that are aligned with WPMF. By investing in 20-30 companies with a geographical focus predominatly on Europe, Blue Horizon expects to realise a net IRR of 15-20%. The team of Blue Horizon is impact driven, has investment experience and moreover can benefit from the current network and experience buildup through the eco-system initiated by the Blue Horizon Corporation.

Green Growth Equity Fund - Green Energy & Infrastructure

Green Growth Equity Fund (GGEF) is a first time specialised energy fund managed by Eversource Capital Pvt Ltd. The GGEF is set up with the specific goal to finance the energy transition in India through strategically investing in early-stage and growth platforms to develop projects at scale. By investing in sustainable, energy platforms several contributions are made to natural and social outcomes that are align with WPMF. The outcomes are focused on  taking up or avoiding GHG, recovery or avoided use of natural resources and therefore obtaining improved health. With a fund size of USD 741m GGEF will invest in 8-10 platforms. With a strong and broad team, an extensive impact reporting system and backed by two strong partners with experience in Indian PE and global renewables, WMPF is confident that through this investment the decarbonization of energy in India will be accelerated

Circularity Capital - Circular Economy

Circularity European Growth Fund II is the second impact fund of Circularity Capital. Circularity Capital is a boutique, specialised investor in growth-stage circular economy companies in Europe. Through the investment in Circularity Capital, WPMF contributes to several natural outcomes, namely reduction of GHG, recovery/avoided use of natural resources and protection or increase of biodiversity. Circularity European Growth Fund II will invest in 10-12 companies where it aims for market rate returns. Based on their experience of their fund I, the in-depth knowledge within the circularity domain and high quality impact measurements and reporting, WPMF believes that an investment in Circularity Capital contributes to the shift towards the circular economy.

Health Quad - Access to Healthcare

Health Quad Fund II (HQ) is the second impact specialised healthcare fund, managed by Health Quad Capital Advisors Private Limited. With a >150m USD size fund and through 10-15 early-stage investments HQ intends to build an ecosystem of companies that will help elevate healthcare standards in India. With the investment in the HQ Fund II, WPMF contributes to the social outcomes, being increased health, quality of life, equitable participation in society and income increase. The fund benefits from years of experience from its previous funds as well as the healthcare and investment experience of its founding partners and sponsors. The investment team has remarkable impact-driven mindset and the investment in HQ follows WPMF investment guidelines. WPMF is confident that HQ will provide a healthy financial return and impact.