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Wire Group offers 10 motivated Next Gen investors (18-30 years old) the opportunity to invest in the Wire Private Markets Fund at a reduced minimum for € 100k or more.

Wire Private Markets Fund (WPMF) invests in Regeneration, (re)investing in natural and human capital. We strive for a more Conscious Economy in which there is room for the need of humans and nature within the carrying capacity of the earth. In short, we invest in a future for all of us, but especially for the future generations,  the children of your children


The minimum investment in the fund is € 1 million. Currently we are at € 56 million committed by 33 investors. Since we are so determined and conscious about the need for Change, we have created this opportunity to be investing in and with the next generation(s).

We are delighted to offer 10 motivated (future) wealth holders (18-30 yrs) the opportunity to step into our fund for € 100k or more and be a part of the investment revolution. *In case of oversubscription we will choose on motivation.

What do we have to offer you?

Become an investor of the WPMF fund from € 100k and make use of all aspects to learn more about Impact Investing (e.g. live Insight & Inspiration sessions, reporting and analyses .

To help you in your decision making we provide you with:

A free online presentation about the Wire Private Markets Fund where you can ask your questions and hear from others.  [Registration on this page]
A free explanatory session on “What is and how to conduct a Due Diligence?”
A free interactive and educational day session about the ins and outs of a new/conscious economy.
To meet your fellow Next Gen investors
The option to register with priority for the Next Gen course, which will start in September 2021 with a duration of 1 year.

Register for the online Fund presentation

Are you interested to learn more about WPMF?
Register for one of the online Fund presentations

    Privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed


    Online Fund presentation – April 13th & 20th

    During these online presentations about the Wire Private Market Fund we will explain why we started the fund, our strategy and how we measure our impact. You can ask your first questions and hear from others which aspects they wish to learn more about.

    Join by yourself or let another family member or advisor join you. Afterwards you decide if you want to continue further research (Due diligence) and we will open up our digital data room for those interested. There you can find all the background information and documentation of the fund.

    Date: Tuesday 13th & 20th April (4pm to 6pm)

    Online Introductory session on Due Diligence

    How can you determine whether this is an interesting and worthy investment for you? To determine this, you will need to perform Due Diligence. Do you have little or no experience with this? No problem. To support and prepare you with what exactly “Due Diligence” entails and how you do it, you can register for free our introductory session.

    In the first half of the session, you will hear from an expert who will share her experiences with you about due diligence. During the second half of the session, you can ask all your questions about the fund to Ronald Janse and Paul Helmsing from the Wire Private Market Fund.

    After this session you will formally need to apply including a motivation*. 

    Dates: Monday April 26th (4pm to 6pm)


    Educational session on the New/Conscious Economy

    We live in very extraordinary times, where social and economic transition take place, in which the pursuit of sustainability stands central. Business as usual is no longer an option. In order to create ‘new’ economy we are required to rethink the basis of our economy. The next 10 years are crucial to making a shift towards a more conscious economy. We are the only generation that is aware of the need for change and still in our control to do so. How can we create an economy that is more sustainable and social than our current system? What do we require for that? How do we influence it ourselves? Have a look:

    To learn and exchange we invite the 10 selected investors and the children of the current LP’s to a live educational and interactive gathering in our Home of Conscious Wealth in Utrecht. The session will be facilitated by Carolien Wegener (co-founder of Wire Group) with guest speaker  Godelieve Spaas – Professor New Economy/Avans University of Applied Sciences.

    Date: Thursday May 20st  – The session will be live for one day (subject to Corona measures, possibly with the use of quick tests) at our Home of Conscious Wealth in Utrecht.

    Your first step towards investing in the Wire Private Markets Fund is to register for the online presentation about the Fund on April 13th of 20th.