We feel connected to organizations that – like us – are committed to a value (s) driven economy that consciously contribute to well-being for all life, in harmony with nature, culture and society.

Impact Institute aims to create standards (e.g. for impact measurement) and helps to empower organisations and individuals to utilize those standards to realise the impact economy.

Assessing en reporting the realised impact is of utmost importance to Wire Private Markets Fund (WPMF). In order to develop a proper methodology and protocol for measuring its impact, we have partnered with Impact Institute.

Adrian de Groot Ruiz, Executive Director at Impact Institute on the collaboration with Wire Group: ”We very much look forward to working with WPMF and Wire Group to take the next step towards an “impact economy” in which the positive as well as the negative impact of companies will be integrated into the reporting set. We embrace WPMF’s ambition to detail the net social impact of its underlying investments.”

Michiel Lenstra, part of the team that is responsible for developing the impact measurement methodology for WPMF: “Impact Institute is a logical partner for Wire Group, given the fact that we share a very similar vision and mission. Furthermore, they have the intellectual rigour coupled with the practical experience to help us calculate the human and natural capital created by WPMF’s investments in a robust manner.”

Intertrust is the largest trust office in the Netherlands, best known for its fiduciary services, which includes tax, trust, business management and outsourcing processes.

We are very pleased to work with Intertrust as Fund Administrator for Wire Private Markets Fund (WPMF). As the fund’s administrator, Intertrust will take care of its administration and they will assist us in some of the operational fund management tasks. 

Furthermore, Intertrust will assist Wire Group in its duties with respect to the initial and ongoing client due diligence.

Mathijs Bouma, Director Legal, Fund Services at Intertrust: “We are very pleased that we have been selected by Wire Group as the Fund Administrator for WPMF. We look forward to using our knowledge and expertise to contribute to the goals of WPMF and Wire Group.”

Rutger Schreuder, member of the Fund Administrator Selection team at Wire Group: ”Intertrust fits well with Wire Group’s core values and with WPMF’s goals: their focus is on working together sustainably, in a transparent way and they have high standards for the services they provide. From the start, we have been working together in a very pleasant as well as professional manner.”

A Dutch multinational banking and financial services company. 

In order to have access to an excellent world-wide payments infrastructure and to ensure our foreign exchange transactions are processed in a timely and professional manner the fund has selected Rabobank as its partner.

Manon Klaij-Van Zee,  Accountmanager at Rabobank: “Wire Group’s and WPMF’s ambitions to contribute to a sustainable world fit perfectly well with Rabobank’s ambitions. Therefore, we are pleased to be their partner.”

Ronald Janse, WPMF’s fund manager: “Rabobank is a very logical partner for us. In their vision and policies with respect to sustainability Rabobank underlines the importance of collaboration in order to achieve the highest impact. We fully underwrite this, since we too believe that working together will yield the best results on our path towards a sustainable and conscious economy. We look forward to lever on Rabobank’s knowledge and network.”

Finnius is a niche firm specialized in financial law.

To ensure the Wire Private Markets Fund and Wire Group comply with the relevant rules and regulations of the financial authorities (AFM), Wire Group has been working with Finnius Advocaten since 2016.

Rosemarijn Labeur, Partner at Finnius: “What I like about Wire Group is the refreshing discussions we have when we see each other. In addition to financial law, we often talk about the broader financial system within which Wire Group tries to find its own role as challenger and critical commentator.”

Michiel Lenstra, Partner at Wire Group, about Finnius: “When I called Rosemarijn for the first time she was cycling on her way to a client. And I thought: that’s what Wire Group needs, a lawyer on a bike! The collaboration with Finnius has turned out to be very positive. Tim and Rosemarijn are sticklers for the rules, but always focused on practical solutions.”

A leading firm providing tax, legal and regulatory advice.