Intertrust assigned as fund administrator of WPMF

Signing ceremony of the Master Services Agreement between Wire Private Markets Fund and Intertrust (from left to right: Anna De Nijs (Company Lawyer, Intertrust), Mathijs Bouma (Director Legal, Fund Services, Intertrust), Ronald Janse (Fund Manager WPMF), Rutger Schreuder (Compliance, Wire Group) and Tera Terpstra (Investor Relations WPMF)

We are very pleased to work with Intertrust as Fund Administrator for Wire Private Markets Fund (WPMF). As the fund’s administrator, Intertrust will take care of its administration and they will assist us in some of the operational fund management tasks. Furthermore, Intertrust will assist Wire Group in its duties with respect to the initial and ongoing client due diligence. Continue reading “Intertrust assigned as fund administrator of WPMF”

Working on a Conscious Economy

With Wire Group we want to contribute to a Conscious Economy. Why? What do we mean by it?

Wire Group defines a Conscious Economy as a value (s) driven economy based on a holistic world view: an economy that takes the aggregate and the interrelation between things as a starting point. From the angle of awareness of the aggregate and value of all life, the essence of a Conscious Economy is multiple value creation. In other words: every euro generated in a financial profit is also a reflection of created social and / or ecological value, always.

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Impact Alpha – Wire Group’s new impact fund-of-funds offers global footprint for Dutch family offices

First article about WPMF on Impact Alpha.

ImpactAlpha, July 16 – European investors have been leaders in sustainable investing. Institutional investors in particular have been racing to shift public equity portfolios to holdings screened for environmental, social and governance metrics. That same progression hasn’t played out in private impact investing.

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