Wire Private Markets Fund closes at EUR 70m

At a time in which global leaders struggle to find common ground in addressing global (climate) challenges, private investors are ready for action instead of blablabla. 

It is time to regenerate - Wire Private Market Fund

Last year we called for change. Now we are thrilled to announce that the Wire Private Markets Fund closes at EUR 70m. We are pleased about our broad group of investors, ranging from experienced impact investors, successful entrepreneurs and investments professionals. We are excited that we also welcomed a group of next-generation investors into the fund who can take active part in the change they want to see” explains Ronald Janse, Fund Manager WPMF.

It is time to Regenerate!

The fund is creating a solid portfolio of 12 international private equity funds, focussed on Regeneration to e.g. increase biodiversity, reduce greenhouse gasses, improve health and equal participation in our society. WPMF has already committed to Eversource (Energy transition), TPG Rise II, Blue Horizon (Plant based Food), HealthQuad and Circularity Capital.

Multiple return: Impact, Financial return, and Personal Growth for our investors 

WPMF is ambitious in measuring multiple returns by demonstrating that it is possible to also link its financial incentives to both financial and Impact return. In Partnership with the Impact Institute the fund uses the Multiple of Money methodology and aims to realise 2x impact: for every Euro invested it wants to realise at least two Euros of societal and ecological impact.

Wire Group is engaging actively with its investors, sharing investment insights, findings, and dilemmas. “By organising Insight & Inspiration events for our investors, we raise the level of understanding and consciousness around important themes and impact investing in general. It is very fulfilling to spend time with our investors seeing this is the Purpose of our firm since 2010” says Tera Terpstra, Co-founder of Wire Group.

Let’s make the shift together

Celebrating change and take action, that is what we need now! Wire Group urges everybody to take their responsibility and put capital at work where it is needed most. Let’s make the shift together. Let’s be wired!


Wire Group is a holistic wealth partner based in Utrecht (the Netherlands). They are a specialist in impact investing and conscious wealth allocation since 2010. Wire Group works towards a Conscious Economy – a value(s) driven economy that has wellbeing for all of life as its foundation.


WPMF Third Opening!

Happy to announce our Third Opening with EUR 46 mln in commitments (including co-investments). The fund will be open for new investors until the summer of 2021 and we are well on track to achieving our targeted fund size. What gets us really excited is the caliber of investors that are joining us: For many of them this is their first “impact investment” and all of them are truly intentional and determined to make a change. We are also proud of our first two commitments to The Rise Fund II and Blue Horizon Ventures and look forward to finalizing an investment in sustainable forestry.

New Impact Investment manager for WPMF

We are proud to announce that as of today our new investment manager has started for the Wire Private Markets fund.

Besides having a bright and friendly personality, Emma Verloop brings substantial experience in managing investment portfolios, due diligence, deal negotiation and performance monitoring.

Impact Measurement, or ‘Regeneration Verification’

Last week I was on the panel in a webinar ‘Impact investing beyond intention and emotion’, hosted by Impact Institute.

The central theme of the webinar was impact measurement, a subject I’m passionate about and which is a key element of Wire Group’s Private Markets Fund. I would like to share some of my thought around this subject.

For people who don’t know, when I get something in my head, I can be a bit like a broken record, and go on and on about it. Impact measurement, and my particular view on it, is one of those things. Call it vision, call it passion, call it plain annoying for those around me (just ask our team :-). The other thing I won’t stop talking about is ‘regeneration’.

These two passions come together neatly in the Wire Private Markets Fund, which has both an innovative approach to impact measurement and ‘regeneration’ as a central theme in its investment strategy. To my mind, they are also intricately related.

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Second ‘Opening’ and invitation to our Plant-Based Food Insight and Inspiration Session

We are proud to announce that our 2nd ‘opening’ of the Wire Private Market Fund is official! Already €36 million is committed to investing in Regeneration; re-investing in human and natural capital. Moreover, the first two portfolio funds, focusing on plant-based food and education/healthcare, are on its way.

We feel excited to have a very conscious group of LPs that join us in the ambition and journey to make impact investing the (new) norm, measurable and transparent. We only just started our journey and still can welcome other ‘Consciand are still open to new investors.

For more information on the plant-based food Insight and Inspiration Session, please see below. 

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New home for Wire Group – the Home of Conscious Wealth

Wire Group will move on September 1! We take residence in the former manager’s house of the Observatory in the centre of Utrecht. There we can realize our dream to create a Home of Conscious Wealth. Here you will find all services for developing and managing Conscious Wealth portfolio’s, for engaged wealth holders who believe that things can and should be done differently.

Especially now, investors expressly opt for sustainable impact

Wire Private Markets Fund attracts € 25 million

The new impact fund Wire Private Markets Fund (WPMF) has officially opened. Investors have now committed € 25 million and their number is growing. WMPF invests in funds that pursue a positive impact on nature and people. It is a solution to the increasing demand among investors for meaningful investment opportunities. The fund has a minimum ticket size of € 1 million, a duration of 12 years and it aims to achieve a financial return of 7-10%. Distinctive about the fund is the concrete impact objective linked to it: the value of the measurable positive impact created must be at least twice as big as the amount invested. Continue reading “Especially now, investors expressly opt for sustainable impact”

Wire Private Markets Fund and the Corona pandemic

As the fund manager of a fund that was launched recently, these are rather schizophrenic times. Only one week before the intelligent lock-down in the Netherlands we had our first Closing (or First Opening as we prefer to refer to it to indicate that this is only the beginning of the partnership). After a long period of conceptualization, preparation and negotiation we managed to be very efficient in our fundraising and raised €21 mln of private investors within 6 months. Continue reading “Wire Private Markets Fund and the Corona pandemic”