Wire Private Markets Fund closes at EUR 70m

At a time in which global leaders struggle to find common ground in addressing global (climate) challenges, private investors are ready for action instead of blablabla. 

It is time to regenerate - Wire Private Market Fund

Last year we called for change. Now we are thrilled to announce that the Wire Private Markets Fund closes at EUR 70m. We are pleased about our broad group of investors, ranging from experienced impact investors, successful entrepreneurs and investments professionals. We are excited that we also welcomed a group of next-generation investors into the fund who can take active part in the change they want to see” explains Ronald Janse, Fund Manager WPMF.

It is time to Regenerate!

The fund is creating a solid portfolio of 12 international private equity funds, focussed on Regeneration to e.g. increase biodiversity, reduce greenhouse gasses, improve health and equal participation in our society. WPMF has already committed to Eversource (Energy transition), TPG Rise II, Blue Horizon (Plant based Food), HealthQuad and Circularity Capital.

Multiple return: Impact, Financial return, and Personal Growth for our investors 

WPMF is ambitious in measuring multiple returns by demonstrating that it is possible to also link its financial incentives to both financial and Impact return. In Partnership with the Impact Institute the fund uses the Multiple of Money methodology and aims to realise 2x impact: for every Euro invested it wants to realise at least two Euros of societal and ecological impact.

Wire Group is engaging actively with its investors, sharing investment insights, findings, and dilemmas. “By organising Insight & Inspiration events for our investors, we raise the level of understanding and consciousness around important themes and impact investing in general. It is very fulfilling to spend time with our investors seeing this is the Purpose of our firm since 2010” says Tera Terpstra, Co-founder of Wire Group.

Let’s make the shift together

Celebrating change and take action, that is what we need now! Wire Group urges everybody to take their responsibility and put capital at work where it is needed most. Let’s make the shift together. Let’s be wired!


Wire Group is a holistic wealth partner based in Utrecht (the Netherlands). They are a specialist in impact investing and conscious wealth allocation since 2010. Wire Group works towards a Conscious Economy – a value(s) driven economy that has wellbeing for all of life as its foundation.