Impact Measurement, or ‘Regeneration Verification’

Last week I was on the panel in a webinar ‘Impact investing beyond intention and emotion’, hosted by Impact Institute.

The central theme of the webinar was impact measurement, a subject I’m passionate about and which is a key element of Wire Group’s Private Markets Fund. I would like to share some of my thought around this subject.

For people who don’t know, when I get something in my head, I can be a bit like a broken record, and go on and on about it. Impact measurement, and my particular view on it, is one of those things. Call it vision, call it passion, call it plain annoying for those around me (just ask our team :-). The other thing I won’t stop talking about is ‘regeneration’.

These two passions come together neatly in the Wire Private Markets Fund, which has both an innovative approach to impact measurement and ‘regeneration’ as a central theme in its investment strategy. To my mind, they are also intricately related.

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