Working on a Conscious Economy

With Wire Group we want to contribute to a Conscious Economy. Why? What do we mean by it?

Wire Group defines a Conscious Economy as a value (s) driven economy based on a holistic world view: an economy that takes the aggregate and the interrelation between things as a starting point. From the angle of awareness of the aggregate and value of all life, the essence of a Conscious Economy is multiple value creation. In other words: every euro generated in a financial profit is also a reflection of created social and / or ecological value, always.

This holistic interpretation of economy, profit & value transcends the linear and damaging strategy of the current model: “take” to maximize financial profit and shareholder value at the expense of social and environmental resources and more. The aim of the Conscious Economy is: how can we as humanity activate an economic model that reflects our responsibility as a inhabitant, guardian and protector of our planet?

All things considered, it is quite special that we have gradually embraced an economic model that systematically ignores actual input and impact on ‘life’ and – actual – well-being. By making principles such as financial profit and shareholder value dominant, we damage our living environment – and we still consider this collective legitimate. We disconnect our economic system from the life we ​​ourselves are part of and see ourselves as dominant over the nature that we ourselves arise from. Under the guise of pursuing “economic growth”, we are self-destructive. That does not show much awareness. “Growth” based on self-destruction is an unnatural principle. Assuming only financial profit is short-sighted, harmful and far from “a sustainable growth model” we now know.

And now? Time to wake up! To increase our individual and collective consciousness and focus on transformation of the system. If this is what we have created so far, what are we going to do fundamentally differently and how? The Conscious Economy is not based on ready-made answers, but mainly on good questions. From both in-depth and practical research: where do current economic principles fall short and what new forms and principles reflect the world & economy we envisage? In this blog series we share about our own and shared quest, practice, dilemmas and findings towards a Conscious Economy.

In advance, with the link to the Wire focus on Conscious Wealth: what is our personal role in achieving a Conscious Economy, what does it require from us – as a person, family, asset holder – what do we have to offer, to deploy, to contribute?

To read more about our vision on the Conscious Economy or if you would like to discuss this with us, please visit: Wire Group