Wire Private Markets Fund is our Conscious Wealth solution!

Wire Private Market Fund (WPMF) provides a convenient and professionally managed solution for private investors and foundations to invest their wealth consciously. WPMF started investing in 2020 and has build-up an internationally diversified portfolio of the best impact funds that contribute to regeneration of natural and human capital while generating an
attractive financial return.

WPMF has been established by Wire Group, active in impact investing since 2010.

The funds of Wire Group offer a great solution for both experienced impact investors and for investors who just get started on their impact journey:

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    • A team of impact professionals selecting the best impact funds. Based on financial and impact return
    • An easy way to (co) invest in specific funds
    • Single KYC


    • A diversified portfolio of 12-15 private equity funds representing 150-250 impact companies
    • Diversification by sector and geography lowers concentration risk


    • Access to and insight in unique and high performance impact funds
    • Invest in funds with high minimum tickets or with limited access to private investors


    • With the fund we aim to contribute to conscious wealth by providing investors with inspiring events, reporting and personal contact
    • Personal approach is a core value of Wire Group

Are you interested to learn more about the conscious wealth, Wire Group or our funds? Don't hesistate to contact us!

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